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Official Server Rules

Post by Lollipop56 on Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:25 am

Offence: Advertising
Punishment: 30 Day Temporary Ban
Description: Any attempt to draw/take players from WaffleMc, this includes posting server IP addresses, talking about other servers in public chat/saying names of other servers.

Offence: Chargeback/ChargeBack Threats
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Disputing payments made to the server, threatening to do so will result in the same punishment.

Offence: Inappropriate Skin
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Skins that are offensive such as Nazi or nude skins. Appeal once you have changed your skin and we will unban you.

Offence: Hacked Clients
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: The use of a client that gives the player an unfair advantage over others, Kill Aura, Speed, Bunny Hop ect. If you are caught hacking you may not appeal.

Offence: Advertising hacked Clients
Punishment: 30 Day Temporary Ban
Description: Posting links or talking/telling players about hacked clients that give the player an unfair advantage over others.

Offence: Bug Abuse
Punishment: Discretionary (4 days - Permanent Ban)
Description: Using a bug/exploit within the game to gain an advantage over players. Examples include Gaining access to classified areas, Killing players on islands, locking players inside of portals or using items gained through bugs. Report the bug on our discord, don’t use it.

Offence: Duping
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Using a bug to duplicate items/money for free. Yes I will be-able to tell. If you are caught duping your appeal will be denied and or deleted.

Offence: Forgery
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Forging official documents such as sale receipts, Store e-mails, support e-mails, or false reports on players ect.

Offence: Ban Evasion
Punishment: Equal ban to the original accounts ban.
Description: Using an alt account to avoid/bypass your ban on your IP address. Or an account you own/owned is banned

Offence: Mute Evasion
Punishment: 1 Day Temporary Ban.
Description: Using an alternate account (on the same IP address) to avoid a mute placed by a staff member.

Offence: Use of Un-Approved Mods
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Using Mods not listed on the approved list that affect gameplay/make it unfair on other players. Examples include but are not limited to nameplate highlights, printer, auto-sneak, auto-clicker, macros (text macros using 5zig are allowed), radar, tracers, entires on mini-maps, ect. Macros are not allowed if they give you a significant advantage such as ./heal ./home ./spawn or ./visit macros. If you are caught using un-approved mods you may not appeal. (Entities you may appeal on first offence)

Offence: AFK-Mining/Fishing
Punishment: 2 Week Temporary Ban - Permanent Ban
Description:Any sort of AFK/Auto-Mining/fishing. (TNT Generators are allowed, 2 Per island, more will result in a ban) Examples include placing something heavy on your mouse, using an auto-clicker, excuses such as watching tv/youtube/twitch will have your appeal instantly denied. You may have one account mining/fishing at any one time. Multiple accounts mining/fishing may fall under the un-approved mods rule.

Offence: DDoS Threats/Hack Threats
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Threatening to DDoS or hack another players account. “I will DDoS you” “I will hack you” ect. This is not a joke. If you have a problem with what a player is saying doing contact a staff member, don’t take it into your own hands. If you are banned for this a lot of effort will be required in the appeal to be unbanned.

Offence: Death Threats/General Threats
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Threatening to take another players life. “I will kill you” “I will find out where you live” ect. If you are upset with another player let a staff member handle it, don’t threaten the player and get yourself banned. Any form of threat will result in a ban. You may appeal but you will need to put a lot of effort into your appeal.

Offence: Release of Personal Information.
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Releasing another players personal info without there consent. This includes Home addresses, Social Media, Phone Numbers, names/age (3 Day Temporary Ban), IP addresses (If you release an IP/home address you may not appeal).

Offence: Phishing
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Attempting to steal another players personal information, which includes Home addresses, account logins, IP addresses, full names. If you are caught doing so your appeal will be denied and/or deleted.

Offence: IRL Scamming
Punishment: 30 Day Temporary Ban - Permanent Ban
Description: Any Promise of an IRL Purchase on our store that is not upheld. Do NOT offer to buy/give a rank in exchange for in-game items if you do not plan on keeping your end of the deal. If real money is lost you may not appeal.

Offence: In-Game Scamming
Punishment: 35 Day Temporary Ban
Description: Stealing/scamming Players out of items/money will not be tolerated. Destroying other peoples islands using TNT, lava, Lava and waters ect.

Offence: Encouraging ChargeBack
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Encouraging players to dispute payments made to the server. “Everyone Chargeback this server sucks”

Offence: Blackmail
Punishment: 7 Day Temporary Ban
Description: Threatening to ban someone unless they do something for you/give you something. “Give me ______ or I’ll get you banned” or anything related.

Offence: Staff Impersonation
Punishment: 3 day Temporary Ban
Description: Saying you are a staff member without the staff tag. Threatens to ban a player, often ties in with blackmail.

Offence: Illegal trade
Punishment: 30 day Temporary ban
Description: Trades that involve direct personal gain, such as offering in-game currency/items for real money, ranks on other servers (Permanent Ban), gift cards. Exceptions are steam games and steam items.

Offence: Homophobic Slurs/Racist Slurs
Punishment: 1 day Temporary Ban - Permanent Ban
Description: The use of derogatory words that could be found offensive. Any slur that is not blocked or not blocked by our filters. Any Homophobic word such as “****fag” “****fag” “gay” ect. Ban will be extended 1 day per derogatory word used.

Offence: Harassment
Punishment: 1 day Temporary Ban - Permanent Ban
Description: Intentionally trying to hurt/harass another player or staff member by saying offensive/hurtful or rude remarks. The staff member handling the issue will decide the length of ban the wish to issue.

Offence: Inappropriate Content
Punishment: 30 minute mute - Permanent Ban
Description: Talking about inappropriate things such as sex in public chat, use common sense remembering little children play this game. Linking sites/excessive talk will result in a ban. Porn sites will result in a none appealable ban. I don’t want to know about your love lives.

Offence: Staff Disrespect
Punishment: 3 Day Temporary Ban - Permanent ban
Description: This rule is often linked with harassment. Arguing with a staff member about a decision made or failing to follow instruction will result in a ban. If you feel a staff member is wrong or unfair please contact a higher staff member. So remember be nice to the staff and we will not tolerate disrespect.

Offence: Spam/Excessive Caps/Countdown Spam/Random Character Spam
Punishment: 10 Minute mute - 1 Day Temporary Ban (Repeat offenders Permanent ban)
Description: Spamming another player with ./msg or teleportation requests or general repetition of phrases/words. Sending messages in chat with little to no delay counts as spam. Excessive use of Capital letters.

Offence: Fancy Chat
Punishment: 2 Day Temporary Ban.
Description: Using Font/text that is not the Minecraft default chat. 5zig symbols are allowed.

Offence: Profanity
Punishment: 10 Minute Mute - Permanent Ban
Description: Any profanity in chat by bypassing out swear filters. Exceptions for less harsh words “ass” “damn” “hell” (These word can tie into harassment)

Offence: Renaming Items/Renaming Spawners/Keys
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Owning items that have been renamed to intentionally scam another player. Attempting to sell a renamed Pig spawner as an Iron Golem Spawner and pass it of even tho its fake. Changing a vote key to look like a Legendary Key/Rare Key, Hiding the shop to sell items falsely.

Offence: Making a unsafe base
Punishment: 4 Day Temporary Ban
Description: Breaking the area where you spawn on the island so people cannot visit you/auto kill them. This links in with Bug Abuse. Making your island unsafe to visit, this includes building auto killers, traps and portals on the spawn block.

Please note that all rules are subject to change. Staff members are to be listened to at all times. If a staff member is telling you to do something you aren’t comfortable doing or do not agree with talk to a administrator.

All rules are to be followed, failure to do so will result in a ban. Unless stated other wise you can appeal.

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