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Brand New Shop

Post by Lollipop56 on Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:49 pm

Welcome to the brand new WaffleMc Forums, This is our first update post.

First off lets start with the forums, what can you do here?

Well most importably you can talk to the waffle community, get to know each other. Introduce yourself and make some awesome friends. You can also read our rules and apply for staff. We also have a section to report players along with appeal if you have received a ban on our server.

To make an account you click "register" then follow the instructions. To be-able to write you must verify your account. simply click the link they send to your e-mail.

Now on to the server:

First big thing is we have added a new shop.

Much better prices along with the new addition of spawners and misc items. If you have any suggestions as to what we should add to the shop you can always leave them in our discord or make a thread on the forums. make sure to say a price with it tho.

We would like to remind you all to read our rules to prevent any issues, they can be found in Rules on the forums and #rules on the discord.

Discord Link:

Thats all from me.

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