PvP and Bug fixes.

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PvP and Bug fixes.

Post by Lollipop56 on Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:49 am

Hello Guys,
Welcome back to another forums update and boi o boi she is a big one.

So we heard you, finally, and have added PvP into WaffleMC. The map is rather large and lots of places to explore. With a range of grass, water and rocky terrain it should be a great place to PvP. We are currently adding chests to the war zone so you can loot, this will hopefully be fully added in the next couple of days, if you see a chest in the war zone you won't be able to open it at the moment. To travel to the PvP simply type /warp PvP or /warps and click the potion pot.

Secondly we have now fully disabled fly in the nether, no need to worry about you dirty bug abusers now. If you find away around this please report it to use.

Along with fixing this we have disabled PvP in the nether again.

We decided to make it if that you relog, disconnect or even leave that you will spawn back at spawn rather where you logged off. We decided this for safety reasons.

We have also added a mini-game, if you are caught hacking by one of the admins they will tp you to a special game. If you complete it your ban will be reduced to 35 days. Fail and you are landed with that perm ban. Remember you cannot appeal if you are caught hacking.

We are working on the mine auto reset so for the next few days, /warp mine will to be in use. We will be setting it to 8 minute resets to start. Feel free to leave suggestions.

We have changed chat a little bit, looks way cooler. Now you just have your tag which you can hover over to see the players stats. If you click it and they have a warp sign set up you can tp to their island. I will let you work that out for yourself.

And the final thing is we have updated the server to 1.10 now.

Discord: We have added a bot, he we can now see all your invites so we decided to have a competition. To win exclusive cool tag/ranks in-game.

Invite rewards:
25 invites - Unique Nametag
50 invites - Legend Nametag
75 invites - Random kit
100 invites - 3rd rank of the server
125 invites - (Any kit of your choice)
150 invites - Titan rank
250 invites - Top Rank
Youtuber Invite - Nametag of Choice

Thats all from me.

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