Custom Enchants, New Shop.

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Custom Enchants, New Shop.

Post by Lollipop56 on Sat May 05, 2018 2:47 pm

Hey Guys and welcome back, today we have an insane update for you, hop onto the server and try it out now.

We finally decided to add custom enchants for you all.

We had a massive collection of enchants for you. I am going to be editing as we go along so don't worry to much if they are a little bit broken for the time being. But the only way i can test them is let them out to you guys. So here are the commands you will need.
/ce - This command brings up the main GUI.
/cehelp - This command lists the commands

/ce will bring up a GUI that will show you previews of all the books. If you wish to buy a book using exp levels then click the enchantment table.

These are some awesome enchants I will list them below:

Withering - Chance to apply withering
EggHunter - Gives you a chance to get mob eggs
Poisonous - Gives you a chance to apply poison
Lifesteal - Gives you a chance to steal some of the enemy's hp
Paralyze - Gives a chance to apply slowness and blindness
Experience - Gives you more experience from killing mobs
Beheading - Gives you a chance to get player heads
Blindness - Gives you a chance to apply blindenss to enemys
DeathBringer - Does more damage to players
ShardFinder - Gives you a higher chance to get enchant shards.
IceAspect - Gives you a chance to freeze your enemy's
Worms - Gives you a chance to apply hunger to enemy's
Unarmored - Gives you a chance to take off a piece of an enemy's armor
XPSteal - Gives you a chance to steal your enemy's experience

Expedition - Gives you extra XP for mining
Haste - Whenever you hold the tool it gives you haste
OreMagnet - Makes ores pop into your inventory
Reward - Gives you a chance to earn some cool rewards when mining
Crushed - Gives you haste when mining obsidian

QuickDraw - Makes arrows shoot faster
EggShooter - Joke enchant makes you shoot eggs
Direct Impact - Makes you negate armor damage
EnderShot - Makes you shoot an enderpearl 10 second cooldown
Restoration - Its essentially a lifesteal for bows

Abandon - You have a chance to get speed when getting hit1
Absorb - You have a chance to cancel a hit of damage
Enderborn - You have a chance to get an enderpearl back after throwing it
Fireproof - Negates all fire damage
Glowing - Gives you nightvision
HealthBoost - Increases your health
Jump - Gives you jumpboost
Molten - Has a chance to catch an enemy on fire after hitting you
PoisonProtection - Negates poison damage
Replenish - Gives you regeneration
Saturation - Never eat again
ShockAbsorb - Never take fall damage
Speed - Applies speed boost
Juggernaut - Gives you resistence
Beast - Gives you strength
Undead - Negates mob damage unless you hit them

To gain these awesome books, you click on the enchantment table. Using EXP you can buy books. We have some cool features:
GUI Features

Enchant Roller
This feature lets you roll for enchants using exp.

Enchant Leveler
This feature lets you level up existing enchants using exp.

Enchant Combiner
This feature lets you combine 2 of the same enchants to a higher tier.

Enchant Recycler
This feature lets you recycle enchants you don't want for exp.
And also gives you enchant dust / Protection Scrolls

Enchant DeLeveler
This feature lets you unlevel your enchants.

Misc Features

Enchantment Shards
Enchantment shards can randomly drop from mobs when killed
and if a player applies enchant shards to a book it will give them
a random enchant corresponding to the tier of enchant shard.

Enchantment Dust
You can get this from the Enchant Recycler and it can be used
to increase the success rate on any enchant book up to 100%
just by right clicking the book with it.

Protection Scroll
You can get this from mob drops or a chance from the recycler
and it can be used to protect gear from breaking if the enchant
fails. It will get removed if the enchant fails but your item will be safe.

We have also added the new shop now at ./warp shop.

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