Beta is OVER!

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Beta is OVER!

Post by Lollipop56 on Fri May 25, 2018 11:36 pm

Beta is now over and MineSpira is finally released. We have a lot of cool updates to the server so we are going to go through a few of them but some of them I want you to experience yourself.

First and foremost I need to thank all of the admin team, I could not have done it without them, they have helped me through it all so a massive thanks to them, be sure to show your love when you see them.

Now lets dive into the updates.

Firstly you will have noticed the rank names have changed, don't worry the ranks have not changed in any way. They are still the same we just changed them to fit the new theme.....
(If you have a rank you may have lost it, this is not us taking it away from you, it will be put back, don't panic.)

Next, when you spawn in you will not be spawning in in the old hub, *sad face*. But I will get over it, we have a massssssssive new spawn. It is honestly awesome.

Next, we have a lot of changes to PvP, mainly I will let you find it out for yourself. But firstly we have a brand new sexy looking map for you, also fitting the theme. We have added Envoys these are chests, they spawn every hour and last for 30m, they contain random loot, there are 120 chests to find. Good luck down there.

New Mine: We have had a few issues with the mine and it will be up in the next couple days. So stay tuned for that.

Spawner now all work again. Sorry for that.
Shop is back up and working.
Crate keys now work, with brand new rewards.
Enderchests will not bug and dupe items.
/warps now works.
/baltop should be restored to what you had before the bals reset.
Enchantment tables are now allowed.
The nether Now resets every 24 hours, as we get bigger we will reset every 12.
Skulls now drop for frequently by 2% increase.
Withers 100% drop a star.
Example cobble Gen now is set up properly.

Coming Soon, BEDWARS and FACTIONs

Thats all from me Join on the server IP

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