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[Format] Bug report

Post by Lollipop56 on Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:19 am

So you found a bug or an issue on the server and you want to help us out to fix it, perfect.

There is not so much a format here but a few tips to help us solve the issue as quickly as possible.

1) Explain the bug in as much detail as possible, simply telling us "its broken" and to "please fix it" will not help your issue be resolved quickly.
2) Descriptive titles are important. Don't just write 'HEEEEELP MEE' or 'This is broken'. Simply describe the issue so as a glance we can know what your report is about.
3) Check if the bug has already been reported, if so look at what the staff member write for that one to see if it helps you.
4) Finally before you post it check it is an actual issue not something thats gone wrong on your end.

Thanks for reporting the b bugs however we do not offer any prize/reward for doing so. However remember if you use a bug/exploit to gain an advantage prepare for a ban, so reporting it will take away the temptation.

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