New Update.

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New Update.

Post by Lollipop56 on Fri May 04, 2018 3:10 pm

Welcome back to the WafflesMC updates,

So lets start of with the changes:

We have added custom cobble generators, these now have the chance to drop random ores when mining. The better the ore the less likely it will spawn, we want you to work for the diamonds. Along with this they seem to only work with the simple cobble generators, I am looking into why this is but fo now use simple cobble generators for the ores.

We have also added colour chat. This is mainly for our staff, all staff will speak with a red chat. The owners will speak with any colour we fancy. Very Happy We might add coloured chat to the store at some point. or even make it something you can get with ranks, let us know what you think about that.

We have also added the ability to lock your chests. This is simple, if you would like to make a chest private and just for you to use you look at that chest and type ./cl lock. To unlock the chest and make it public (to your island members) then type ./cl unlock. Use ./cl help to see all the other cool features. Be warned admins can bypass the lock and see whats in the chest, so don't think you can lock it and be safe.

Upcoming updates:

In the next few days you will see a change to our shop. We will be full removing ./shop. Although a lot of you love ./shop its simply too op. We will be making npc's at spawn. We are happy to meet you half way and we will set a warp straight to the shop. The shop prices will all be changed along with the items. Vines will be re-added so don't worry.

We are also looking at changing ballot to a GUI instead of a list in chat, this looks way nicer. Would like to hear thoughts on it in our discord.

We are aware of the ./kit bug. This is out of our hands at the moment. We have sent it off to the external dev to fix. We will keep you posted on this, for now I would not bother claiming the kits.

The PvP has been disabled momentarily due to the fact you can't PvP or open chests or do anything really, we are unsure why our region flag bugged out and are working on a fix for that, when it returns all warzone chests will be fully stocked along with a new daily rewards update. If you have any suggestions for the PvP area feel free to comment in the suggestions tab.

If you lost items from your inventory over the last 3 days please contact an admin or myself, we will refund every item as it was my fault the server crashed. However don't try scam items, we will be-able to tell, if you try scam free items be prepared to get a ban over it.

Giveaway: The Overlord giveaway ends in just under 6 hours, so be sure to enter that in are discord. Massive thanks to witchycreeper for being so generous. (And welcome to the staff team)

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